Why purchase Philips TL01 Narrowband Tubes

The Philips Narrowband UVB phototherapy lamps manufactured by Philips for psoriasis treatment have been clinically proven and tested, with over 400 worldwide independent clinical studies. The UVB lamp is designed with precision to emit 311nm of UV light, which is the optimal wavelength for psoriasis treatment. The narrow waveband is between 305 and 315nm and peaks at 311nm, this means the Philips TL01 UVB Narrowband lamp is not only effective, it is the number 1 choice worldwide.


Psoriasis Care UK always warns against purchasing fake or unbranded UVB lamps for the treatment of psoriasis, as there is no guarantee of the correct UVB transmitted, which can be dangerous to your health and skin. Psoriasis Care UK only uses the market leading Philips TL01 311nm UVB Narrowband Tubes. We are also the ONLY online exclusive UK partner for these tubes, so you are guaranteed to purchase genuine Philips phototherapy tubes. The Philips UVB psoriasis lamp is much safer and more effective than any other lamps in their class for psoriasis UV treatment.

Philips TL01 UVB Narrowband Lamp Benefits and Features

Some benefits and features of using the Philips TL01 tubes also known as Philips TL100W/01 tubes are:

  • Proven Philips technology
  • Tested worldwide in more than 400 proven clinical tests
  • These UVB lamps are used in hospitals and dermatologist centres worldwide.
  • Optimum emission peak of 311nm
  • Minimum potential side effects like redness and itching
  • Shorter exposure times

Philips TL100 specifications

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One of the main reasons patients are treating their psoriasis at home using Philips TL01 UVB Narrowband lamps is due to the time and effort of travelling to medical centres for very short treatment times. The convenience and effectiveness of these UVB phototherapy tubes makes a perfect case for self-medicating at home. Psoriasis Care UK ALWAYS recommends home psoriasis treatment plans formulated by your Doctor or Dermatologist.

Psoriasis Care UK also offer VAT free purchases for all chronic psoriasis sufferers. More information about VAT free purchases can be found here.

At Psoriasis Care UK, we are aware that purchasing ‘minimum order lamps’ set by other sellers is not always feasible and can carry extra unnecessary cost. We sell our UVB lamps individually, so if you require 1 lamp, we are able to sell you this. Our Philips TL01 UVB narrowband tubes are always exceptionally packaged, and we offer free UK Mainland delivery unlike most of our competitors.

If you require further assistance on these UVB Phototherapy lamps please do not hesitate to contact us here and we will respond same day.