How to convert my sunbed into a UVB Phototherapy canopy?

18th May 2022

How to convert my sunbed into a UVB Phototherapy canopy?

So, you are looking to convert a traditional sunbed canopy into a phototherapy UVB canopy to treat Psoriasis? While this is possible, and it can be a cheaper way to achieve UVB therapy at home rather than purchasing a new canopy, there are some potential risks that you need to be aware of.  The main risk is causing damage to your skin by getting too much exposure.  Professional UV canopies, like our OCTAderm are designed with timers and real time sensors to ensure accurate exposure times and UVB levels.

Our OCTAderm is a state of the art UVB phototherapy cabin which has passed the UK medical device regulations and is manufactured by MedLight - who manufacture full body cabins for use in Hospitals and it is a much safer and offers better treatment than converting sunbeds into UVB canopies.

If you decide you would still prefer to convert your sunbed into a UVB canopy, then replacing the tubes with Philips TL100 UVB tubes is a relatively simple task. The vast majority of full body tanning beds use 6 foot sun tanning tubes. Our Philips TL100 tubes are exactly the same length, and they are the standard length. If you are in doubt, all you need to do is measure the length of your current tubes, you should get a measurement of 1,782 mm which means that the Philips TL100 tubes will fit. The other item to check is the base of the tubes - the part that connects into your sunbed - you will notice the 2 pin base (G13) or with the black protecter (RDC R17d). Please note: when you receive the new tubes they will have a removable black pin protector which you may need to pull off if you require the G13 base - which is the most common.

We would also recommend that you replace all the tubes in your current canopy to ensure consistent treatment and reducing risk of damage to your skin, or device. 

If the length of your tubes and the bases match, then our TL100 tubes should work in your sunbed, and it would be a simple job of removing your current tubes and replacing them - as per your sunbeds instructions. 

We recommend that you use electronic starters with the Philips TL100 tubes and you can purchase them on our website. This will ensure a flicker free operation of the UVB lamps, as some other tanning bulbs do use different starters which are not always compatible, so it is worthwhile changing these at the same time if your sunbed does not use these.

Then all you need to do is turn on your canopy and use it as per your dermatologist instructions. If your sunbed does not have a timer function, we would strongly recommend that you set a timer on your phone. 

Don’t forget we are also offering a 30-day return promise, if you find that the tubes do not fit your canopy, just contact us, and we will arrange for FedEx to come and collect the TL100 tubes and once we have them back we will issue a refund (minus £20 courier collection fee) of your order. 


Take the stress out of your search for UVB tubes. If you find that our TL100 are not the correct fit for your canopy, we will refund you (subject to terms and conditions). 

We understand that a lot of our customers purchase our TL100 UVB tubes to replace the standard UV tubes found in sunbeds. This can raise the question of whether the UVB tubes will work correctly. This is where our Returns Promise comes in - If you find the tubes do not fit or work in your cabin, we will offer you a refund of your order. We will arrange for FedEx to come and collect your tubes and will then refund the order amount minus £20 for courier collection.