Is your Psoriasis worse in winter?

5th Dec 2017

Is your Psoriasis worse in winter?

How to help your Psoriasis symptoms in winter

If you are feeling that your psoriasis is worse during the winter, it is because of a combination of cold and dry air with decreased ultraviolet (UV) light exposure from the sun. The lack of humidity in the air outside and the dry heat in most buildings during the winter can limit the moisture your skin needs. Not only are winter days shorter but most people spend less time outside which again can limit the UV exposure on your skin. Experts believe that that UV light from the sun hinders the rapid growth of skin cells, and that is a major characteristic of psoriasis.

Frequent moisturising during the winter can help smooth and ease your psoriasis. This helps get back the moisture lost that your skin needs. Using a humidifier at home could help too. Discuss winter treatment for your psoriasis with your doctor, who could help suggest other ways of easing your skin condition. We invite anyone to either e-mail us at:

or comment on our Twitter page if you have any product or home remedy suggestions that may help other psoriasis sufferers. We are active on Twitter and would love to help give you great advice.

UV Light Treatment

Another treatment suggestion your doctor or dermatologist may suggest is UV light treatment using a uvb lamp. This is where Psoriasis Care UK can assist. We only sell genuine Philips phototherapy lamps. The best lamps for treating your psoriasis is the TL100 tube also known as TL100/01 or TL01 phototherapy tube. These psoriasis lamps are the actual lamps used in hospitals, and experts believe that the Philips UVB narrowband lamp is the way forward in treating your psoriasis.

We sell these phototherapy lamps at a great price and lower postage costs then a lot of our competitors, and we offer VAT free purchases for chronic psoriasis sufferers too.

If you would like to get in contact with us, please do so via our Web Form, and we will get back to you same answering all your questions.