Summer Tips for Psoriasis

7th Aug 2018

Summer Tips for Psoriasis

Some tips for Psoriasis in the summer

Enjoying the sun

The hotter months can offer relief from Psoriasis for some Psoriasis Sufferers. The UV light in sunshine helps to reduce skin patches and when humidity increases this can relieve dry skin.

This is why during the darker and colder months people start to look at home psoriasis treatments as these treatments can provide the UV light needed to help combat psoriasis.

Sunbathe for around 5 minutes a day and make sure you have applied sun cream to all areas except the psoriasis areas. If you plan to be in the sun longer than this then apply sun cream all over including your psoriasis areas. Care needs to be taken to not burn in the sun, as this can trigger psoriasis flares.

Swimming and especially in salt water can help improve the appearance of psoriasis. After swimming can lead to the skin drying out, so after drying yourself apply some sensitive skin moisturiser.

Relax as much as you can.

Heat and sweat can make Psoriasis worse. Air conditioning can help you from sweating, but can also dry the skin. If you are spending a lot of your time in air-conditioned rooms, moisturising more often can help.

Comfortable clothing

Wearing loose fitted sun protective cotton clothing can help. Wearing white is a great colour if you have scalp psoriasis, as it can help hide flakes.

Reduce stress.

Not always as easy as it sounds, but anxiety and stress can worsen symptoms. Find ways of reducing stress such as reading a book, going on holidays or going to restaurants etc.

Looking for advice and help

There are a number of great sites offering support and assistance for psoriasis sufferers. Forums are always a great way of seeing what others are experiencing with their condition.

Some helpful sites are listed below:

Psoriasis Care UK

We sincerely hope that you are enjoying the hotter weather, but we always recommend talking with a dermatologist or your local GP when using home treatments or even sunbathing in the sun.

If you have any suggestions for help with Psoriasis during the hot weather please let us know, and we will share this on our site to help others reading our blogs. 

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