Treating Psoriasis with UV light therapy during Covid times

4th May 2022

Treating Psoriasis with UV light therapy during Covid times

The benefits of UV treatment of psoriasis and other skin conditions is well documented, and it is a recognised treatment plan for managing the condition. Historically, this treatment was only available in hospitals and private clinics. The process and the waiting times could be long from referral to treatment. 

The ability to undergo UV light treatment at home is getting more and more popular as waiting times and treatment options being limited at hospital due to multiple factors. There is no doubt that COVID has had a dramatic impact on sufferers being able to obtain UV treatment at hospitals, either due to long wait times and also due to the potential risk of infection. 

Psoriasis is an auto-immune disease, and it can have also effect on the body’s ability to protect itself against other infections, like COVID-19, especially if other treatment plans are being used. 

The ability to use a medical grade device in your own home for the effective treatment of Psoriasis can be an effective and valuable investment. Our products have undergone and passed the strict UK medical regulation tests. The OCTaderm cabinet is manufactured by MedLight, who also manufacture hospital grade canopies that are used in NHS hospitals and clinics across the country. 

The cabinet allows you to safely undergo treatment for psoriasis and other skin conditions in the comfort and safety of your own home.