PSOR UVB Lamp - Local UVB treatment including the scalp

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The compact design of the PSOR comb makes it ideal for the treatment of the scalp as well as for other small areas of the body, armpits, finger nails, toes etc.
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The scalp can be one of the most challenging areas of the body for skin treatment, as the hair can interfere with the UVB irradiation.  The PSOR UVB lamp with comb attachment has been designed to overcome this, by allowing for the deep parting of the hair to allow the UV light to reach the surface of the skin.

Its easy handling allows for precise application of treatment, this coupled with short exposure times due to the high UVB intensity.  The PSOR UVB Lamp is designed to be used with official Philips UVB lamps, which have been shown in over 400 clinical studies to be the most effective UVB treatment light sources.

Treatment of the scalp has always been a challenge for those who suffer, the PSOR UVB lamp successfully solves this problem, the comb design, with the UV light behind the teeth allows for the deep parting of the hair to allow the UVB light to reach the surface of the skin.

Moist skin has been shown to absorb UV radiation more efficiently, so faster therapy results can be achieved by treating a wet scalp, this also allows for easy application.  The lightweight compact design of the PSOR UVB comb allows for short treatment times.

The PSOR UVB comb comes with a Philips PLS 9W UVB tube already inserted and ready to be used, spare bulbs can be purchased on our website.

There is a pair of UVB Protective Glasses included.

We strongly recommend that you consult a dermatologist before using the PSOR UVB Lamp as UVB can be damaging to the skin if not used correctly.

I declare by ordering this product online that I am purchasing on behalf (or I am) suffering from a chronic disorder and the product is being supplied for domestic or personal use under Notice 701/7, and is therefore VAT exempt.

UV Output:
Power Supply:
230 V - 50Hz
Power Consumption:
50 VA
317 mm
52 mm
48 mm