Get winter ready and treat your Psoriasis at home

5th Oct 2021

Get winter ready and treat your Psoriasis at home

Now is the time to start thinking about how to manage your Psoriasis during the winter months.  As you may know, UVB is present in natural sunlight and some Psoriasis suffers find that their symptoms decrease in the summer, only to worsen when the nights draw in and the power of the sun diminishes in the winter.  This is where our professional and class leading OCTaderm full body cabinet can prove to be useful.  It allows for light treatment to be undertaken in the comfort of your own home.  

Previously this treatment was only available in hospitals and clinics.  The effects of COVID-19 on the availability of these treatment options has been significant and there can be long waits for treatment.  This is where the ability to undergo treatment on your own schedule is important.  It will also cut down on the number of visits to the clinic and as we know, the flu season and risk of transmissions of viruses increase during winter months.

The benefits of undergoing UVB treatment in the comfort and safety of your own home should not be dismissed.  Our device is manufactured in Germany to the highest standards.  Our manufacturer also builds the hospital grade UV treatment cabinets you are likely to see or use in hospitals and clinics and they have applied that technology and build quality to our OCTaderm full body cabinet to ensure that you get the quality that you require.

The cabinet utilises the official Philips TL01 Narrowband UVB light tubes that have been shown in over 400 trials to not only be the safest, but also the most effective for the treatment of Psoriasis.  Using this combination of best in class official Philips UVB lights alongside one of the most technologically advanced full body UVB light cabinet, the OCTaderm is one of the leading methods to treat Psoriasis at home.