Unboxing and Set up: OCTAderm  Phototherapy Canopy

8th Mar 2024

Unboxing and Set up: OCTAderm Phototherapy Canopy

Want to know more about how to use our high quality  OCTAderm UVB phototherapy canopy? Then watch this video so you can be confident in setting up and using your OCTAderm to treat your psoriasis or other skin condition in the comfort of your own home.

It will be much easier to assemble the unit with two people, due to the shape and size of the unit. 

Setting up

1. Remove from Box

Simply remove the main panel, the legs and the instruction folder from the box. Please make sure to read the instruction manual before use.

2. Install Legs

Carefully install the rear and front legs, it is easier if one person holds the OCTAderm whilst the legs are installed.  Click in the rear legs, which simply slide in and click to lock into place. Install the front legs along with the foot guide pole (located in a recessed pouch on top of the unit). The front legs will have a hole in each side for the pole to slide into. 

Turning on and Usage

1. Plug in

Simply plug into your wall socket

2. Insert Key and turn on

The key (which was looped on the foot guide) is inserted into the keyhole on the top of the unit and turned to the right, this will turn the unit on.

3. Enter your dosage in Joules.

Simply use the up and down arrows below the LCD screen to enter your dosage and press OK once you have reached the desired dosage.

4. Press Start - Ensure UVB Protective Goggles are worn

Once you are ready for your treatment time to start, simply click the black round START button and the dosage will start. IMPORTANT: Ensure UVB Protection goggles supplied are worn before starting treatment.

5. Treatment

The UVB tubes will turn on and the LCD screen will show UV Measuring, this is the panel measuring the UVB output of the tubes to properly calculate the treatment time. The screen will then show a countdown of the treatment time.

Once it reaches zero the device will beep for 10 seconds, this is to instruct and to give you a chance to turn round if you would like to do your back, within this 10 second period of beeping press START again and the OCTAderm will then light up and treat your back. If the start button is not pressed within this 10 second period the OCTAderm will turn itself off.

This is to reduce the chance of accidental over dosage of UVB.

If you would only like to treat 1 side, then either do not press anything and the OCTAderm will automatically stop, or simply press the red STOP button.

How to change UVB tubes or Starters

1. Check Tube Hours

Philips TL01 UVB tubes have an effective treatment life of 500 hours, to check your tubes, press buttons A + B and the LCD screen will display how many times the tubes have been turned on and also the total hours they have been used.

Please note: The OCTAderms are calibrated in the factory with the tubes that are installed, so when you get your new OCTAderm the LCD will show some usage on the LCD Screen and this is normal.

2. Remove Acrylic Panel

Simply remove the acrylic panel, it is held on by magnets at the top and bottom, carefully place the panel to the side.

3. Change Tube

Simply turn the Tube to the left and then pull gently outwards and the tube will be released. To replace simply reverse the process, slide the new tube in (note: remove black pin protector if present) and twist the tube to the right.

4. Change Starters

If you have a tube that does not light up when being used it could be that the starter needs replacing, this can occasionally happen and is very simple to do. Simply twist it to the right and gently pull out. To replace simply reverse the process.

5.Replace Acrylic Panel

Carefully position the acrylic panel on to the front of the OCTAderm and the magnets will hold it in place.

Full instructions and safety information are in the instruction manual located within the Folder that came in the box. Please read this and keep this safe. The OCTAderm is designed to be simple and safe to use to treat  Psoriasis and other skin conditions in the comfort of your own home.