What makes Philips TL100 UVB tubes the only choice?

8th Nov 2022

What makes Philips TL100 UVB tubes the only choice?

We often get asked the question, why do you only sell Philips UVB tubes, why don’t you sell any cheaper alternatives? 

The answer to this question is both simple and complicated! Put simply, we only sell the Philips TL100 tube as it is the only medically approved UVB tube being made. There are no alternatives available. 

Well, that is that then, isn’t it? Well, this is where the answer can get a little bit more complicated. You see, to treat Psoriasis efficiently the skin needs to be exposed to a very specific wavelength of UVB light, 311 nm to be exact. 

The Philips TL100 have been manufactured and rigorously tested across the globe and their output peaks at 311 nm, which is ideal for treating Psoriasis safely and effectively. As a result, all* UVB treatment canopies, from NHS Hospitals to Private Clinics, use Philips TL100 UVB tubes. Whilst the make of canopy can vary from hospital to hospital, the tubes inside are all the same. 

Don’t just take our word for it, there have been over 400 independent clinical studies that has shown that UVB Narrowband TL Philips lamps are the most effective option for treating Psoriasis as opposed to any other lamps in their class and that is why it is the only one chosen by professionals. 

There have been other lamps that have attempted to break into the market and to offer a more value for money application, but these have all been rejected as not being as effective or as safe and to the hospitals, clinics (and us), the effectiveness and safety of treatment is of paramount importance. 

Even Philips, who manufacture the TL100 UVB tubes, have looked into modernising the tubes and upgrading to LED technology, but they have not been able to find a way to offer Blue light at the very specific wavelength of 311 nm that is required for treating psoriasis. 

We are aware that there are some other tubes in the market that are being claimed to be able to treat Psoriasis in the place of the Philips TL100, but for the above reasons, we will only offer the Philips TL100 UVB tubes

If of course the hospitals approve an alternative and start using those tubes, then we will look into offering them. 

We are aware, in these tough economic times, the Octoderm is probably deemed to be an expensive purchase when pitched against other similar units. BUT we do not ‘mix’ Philips tubes with other non-branded and not regulated (by the NHS) tubes. Using unbranded tubes is a way of bringing the equipment down in cost, but we feel this mixing of unbranded tubes could pose health concerns, and it would make it difficult to get a reliable and accurate dosage and for professional UVB treatment. Remember the NHS and all global health providers ONLY recommend treatment with the Philips TL100 tubes, We believe that where health and safety is concerned, only the best will do.

So, both the short and the long answer to the question about why Philips TL100 UVB tubes is the same. They are the best and currently the only 6 foot UVB tube available. 

Psoriasis Care is a UK Online Exclusive distributor for Philips, and we carry a good level of stock of Philips TL100 UVB tubes ready to send to the UK for Free. 

*Applies to professional and regulated treatment providers in the UK.