What Sets our OCTAderm a Class Apart?

13th Sep 2023

What Sets our OCTAderm a Class Apart?

We often get calls from people who are suffering from Psoriasis, or researching on behalf of a loved one who is looking to start UVB light therapy at home. A lot of the time they have suffered for a long period of time and have even had UVB light therapy at hospital on the NHS. Unfortunately now, due to multiple reasons, the wait time for UVB light therapy with the NHS can be a lengthy process.

This has increased the demand for light phototherapy at home and we are proud to be able to offer the OCTAderm from MEDlight to our customers. MEDlight are a well known and respected manufacturer of UV treatment devices, their N-LINEpro series is a hospital grade cabin containing 40x Philips TL01 UVB Tubes and is used by hospitals across the country.

Whilst the N-LINE series offers the ultimate UV treatment for Psoriasis, we appreciate that this is not suitable for use at home, not only due to the cost of the units, but also the size and space they would take up! This is where the OCTAderm comes in, it uses the same official UVB tubes and also boasts some smart technology, like the dosage sensors, to offer safe and effective UVB treatment at home.

Specifically designed and built to treat Psoriasis

As far as we are aware, the OCTAderm by MEDlight is the only UVB phototherapy device that was designed and built purely to treat Psoriasis, some other options on the market are converted sunbeds, which in theory could work, but they do not offer the accuracy, safety and technological advantages of the OCTAderm.

Accurate Treatment Times and Dosage

With an inbuilt dosage sensor and the ability to enter precise dosage requirements this allows the OCTAderm to deliver the exact dosage that you require, it offers a digital countdown along with the ability for a programmed routine to prompt for full body treatment, both front and back if required.

Only uses official Philips TL100W01 UVB tubes

The OCTAderm is built to only use official Philips UVB TL100W01 tubes, which for a range of important reasons are the only tubes that should be used for Psoriasis treatment, for more information please read our blog here: What makes Philips TL100W01 UVB tubes the only choice for UVB full body Light Therapy?

Passed UK Medical Devices Regulations

The OCTAderm has passed the UK (and European) Medical Devices Regulations, these regulations are there to ensure that any medical devices that are used in the UK are safe and do not pose unnecessary risks to public health. It is also a requirement for any device used in a hospital setting to have passed these regulations. In fact due to space issues there are hospitals that use our OCTAderm to offer UVB light therapy to patients.

Slimline, Portable and Easy to Store

The OCTAderm is easy to assemble and it is just a case of clicking it all together, there are no tools required. It’s compact design allows it to be used and stored in small spaces, which makes it ideal to be used in the home. It is designed to be used standing up, so that it takes up less space.